Employment / Vacancies

Employment / Vacancies

Details of any current open positions are available below. Please note that unsolicited applications will not be responded to.

Shannon Foynes Port Company is fully committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and treatment in its employment practices.

It will ensure that there is no direct or indirect discrimination against any job applicant or employee on the grounds of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, race or membership of the traveller community. Individuals will be selected, promoted and treated only on the basis of their abilities and merits, according to the requirements of the job.

Shannon Foynes Port Company is committed to employing best practice in recruiting staff. All appropriate legislation will be complied with and all relevant guidelines considered when the Company seeks staff.

Depending on the position to be filled, the Company may engage the services of external expertise to ensure that the best available candidates are selected for interview for the position which has become vacant, or is about to do so.

Canvassing leads to automatic disqualification.

We are an energetic and creative team, dedicated to high standards of performance and excellence, and the provision of a high quality service to our customers. We value each of our employees and we believe that employees are happier when they know what they can expect from our company.