Floating Data Centre

SFPC Global Connectivity

In keeping with its Limerick Dockland Framework Strategy, Shannon Foynes Port Company seeks to maintain Limerick Docks as a viable working Port whilst at the same time exploring new business streams and promoting the regeneration and reuse of surplus land and property within the Port for complementary maritime and port dependent uses.

In keeping with this, planning permission has recently been received by Shannon Foynes Port Company for the development of a floating data centre at Limerick Docks after a US developer selected it for what will be Europe’s first data centre of this kind.


Floating Data Centre


The decision was based on the dynamic opportunity presented by Limerick Docklands including, among other things, proximity to commercial demand; its sheltered marine environment immediately adjacent to the city centre; water based access; stable mooring; the tidal regime presented by Limerick Dock; the availability of quayside land and supporting infrastructure; the uniqueness of the port build and architectural heritage; and, the supporting policy at National and local level.

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