Marine Notices & Dredging

Marine Notices & Dredging

Marine Notices

Shannon Foynes Port Company – Notice To Mariners

Notice No. 4 of 2018

4 of 2018 – Click here

Current live Marine Notices issued by SFPC are available below; however, please also check for relevant Notices on the Maritime Section of the Department of Transport and the  Commissioner of Irish Lights websites.

SFPC Marine Notice 15 Of 17
Download SFPC Marine Notice 15 Of 17
SFPC Marine Notice 15 of 17.doc
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In common with ports world-wide, SFPC periodically undertakes maintenance dredging campaigns to ensure water depths and channels are in accordance with published depths and specifications. Dredging is subject to licensing by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure compliance with the relevant Dumping at Sea Acts 1996 to 2012. The current permit can be downloaded below. For further information on SFPC’s dredging activities, please contact .


EPA Dredging Permit 2013
Download EPA Dredging Permit 2013
EPA Dredging Consent 2013.pdf
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