Storage & Warehousing

Storage & Warehousing

SFPC provides a range of storage facilities at its Limerick and Foynes facilities to facilitate traders. On-quay and near-quay open storage is available on request. We also have a range of warehousing solutions available for short or long-term letting.

We are committed to ensuring that a supply of top quality storage solutions is available for all port users, as this provides a vital link in your overall supply chain.

Our storage includes the following:

  • 130,000 ft2 of warehousing at Foynes, including 75,000 ft2 of new purpose-built bulk storage
  • 61,000 ft2 of warehousing at Limerick Docks, including 30,000 ft2 of new purpose-built bulk storage
  • On-quay storage at Limerick Docks
  • Substantial open storage at Foynes

Other storage providers operating at Foynes port include:

Argosea Services:
40,000 ft2 of modern high bay warehousing, including 20,000 ft2 with insulated roofing suitable for the storage of packaged foodstuffs.

Foynes Engineering Ltd.:
40,000 ft2 of new high bay bulk warehousing.

Doyle Shipping Group:
Over 200,000 ft2 of warehousing and 10 acres of yard storage.