SFPC Global Connectivity

Shannon Foynes Port Company offers a one-stop logistics service that connects our ports by road to 75% of the country within 2 hours.
Our connectivity, however, is about to be significantly enhanced with the development of a new motorway link road from our largest port, Foynes Port, to the national motorway network at Limerick.

Our second largest port, Limerick Docks offers similar services and is located just 2km from the motorway network.

The full range of logistics services is provided at our ports through, Limerick Cargo Handling, a fully-owned subsidiary of Shannon Foynes Port Company, which undertakes stevedoring and cargo handling at Limerick Docks.

Limerick Cargo Handling has vast experience with all bulk, break-bulk and specialist heavy-lift projects with sophisticated web-enabled IT support for stock control and distribution.

The ideal geographic location with secure storage space, flexible working hours and ISO approved systems makes Shannon Foynes Port Company an industry leader in stevedoring. Shannon Foynes Port Company is committed to having best-in-class equipment at our terminals in order to provide highly efficient and cost-effective operations.


  • 1 x Liebherr LHM 420 (Max Lift 124T)
  • 2 x Gottwald HMK 170EG (Max Lift 63T)
  • 1 x Liebherr, LHM 100 (Max Lift 36T)
  • Bulk grabs: 8.5m, 12m3, 16m3, 18m3 & 20m3
  • 2 X 1000 Tons/hr mobile hoppers
  • 1 X 750 Tons/hr mobile hopper with dust suppression
  • 1 X 750 Tons/hr mobile hopper
  • Variety of forklifts and other handling equipment available from SFPC or local stevedores; heavy lift cranes also available locally from third parties 


For further details regarding crane capacity please contact



  • 2 x DML (500t/hour)
  • 1 x Sumitomo crawler (Max Life 34T)
  • 1 x Liebherr LH 60 Material Handler
  • 4 x 7 tonne, 1 x 2 tonne forklifts
  • Heavy lift cranes also available locally from third parties


For further details regarding crane capacity please contact

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