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The move to tackle climate change has already spawned a global green industry and Shannon Foynes Port Company is set to become one of the key players and facilitators of that in Ireland.

With the western seaboard already home to the largest proliferation of wind-turbines in Ireland and huge opportunities on the horizon from off-shore wind, Shannon Foynes Port Company has the potential to become a major hub for the industry. Among the key drivers of this are the geography of the Port, located on the Shannon Estuary adjoining the west coast, its natural depths – among the deepest in Europe, deep enough to facilitate the largest vessels in the world.

The confluence of its geography, water depths and proximity to so much existing and planned renewable energy activity means that Shannon Foynes Port Company is already emerging as an epicentre for and facilitator of the fight against climate change in Ireland.

Already Ireland’s largest bulk port company, its growth trajectory is supported by the renewable sector as it currently imports wind turbines for all significant onshore wind projects in Ireland. In 2019 alone, over 100 turbines will have been shipped into Foynes for nationwide wind farm projects. Wind energy is currently the largest contributing resource of renewable energy in Ireland. It is both Ireland’s largest and cheapest renewable electricity resource. In 2018 Wind provided 85% of Ireland’s renewable electricity and 30% of our total electricity demand. It is the second greatest source of electricity generation in Ireland after natural gas. Ireland is one of the leading countries in its use of wind energy and 3rd place worldwide in 2018, after Denmark and Uruguay


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  • Europe's Ocean Energy Hub

    Europe’s Ocean Energy Hub
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