Vision 2041 Strategic Review

Vision 2041 Strategic Review 2022

Vision 2041 was launched in 2013 with its plan period
entailing a 30-year time horizon. Vision 2041 committed
to a review every 7 to 10 years and accordingly we are
delighted to present this ambitious and comprehensive
Review. This Strategic Review does not replace Vision
2041 and should be read in conjunction with it. In
summary, the Review focuses on the sea change of
opportunities and obligations around climate action as
well as the extensive changes in national supply chain
logistics. Climate action is grounded in our net zero
obligations by 2050, and plans to attain them must be
devised and implemented in the immediate term.
Likewise, with regard to the logistics sector, events such
as Brexit and Covid-19 have fundamentally changed
freight market dynamics. These changing dynamics,
coupled with strong Irish economic and population
growth, require additional sustainable supply chain
capacity particularly with regard to port infrastructure.

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